What will I learn?

  • What is a small molecule drug?

    Learn the difference between small molecules and large molecules. Learn how a single atom can change the properties of a small molecule.

  • Is it therapeutic?

    Learn how a small molecule is discovered and validated to show that it treats a disease or disorder. Also, learn why small molecules fail in the clinic.

  • Approved and marketed?

    Learn how a lead small molecule is selected and optimized before it is taken into the clinic. Learn about the clinical phase and how a small molecule is approved and marketed.

How will I learn?

This Small Molecule Drug course includes 6 lessons that explain the process a small molecule takes from the discovery phase through market approval. Learn the process and what can go wrong in the process.

  • 6 videos

  • 6 quizzes

  • 6 downloadable notes

Why learn about Small Molecules Drugs?

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Small Molecule Drugs

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    The small molecule market
    • Video: The Small Molecule Market
    • PDF (slides): The Small Molecule Market
    • Quiz: The Small Molecule Market
  • 2
    What is a small molecule
    • Video: What is a small molecule
    • PDF (slides): What is a small molecule
    • Quiz: What is a small molecule
  • 3
    Drug discovery process
    • Video: Drug discovery process
    • PDF (slides) Drug discovery process
    • Quiz: Drug discovery process
  • 4
    Getting to a "lead"
    • Video: Getting to a "lead"
    • PDF (slides): Getting to a "lead"
    • Quiz: Getting to a "lead"
  • 5
    Drug administered
    • Video: The Drug Administered
    • PDF (slides): The Drug Administered
    • Quiz: Drug administered
  • 6
    To the market
    • Video: To the Market
    • PDF (slides): To the market
    • Quiz: To the market

Small Molecule Drugs

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